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Call for 10 PhD studentship on "green" topics - D.M. n 1061 del 10 agosto 2021.

Bando di concorso pubblico per l’assegnazione di borse aggiuntive di dottorato su tematiche dell’innovazione e green D.M. n. 1061 del 10 agosto 2021 – a.a. 2021/2022, XXXVII ciclo di dottorato.

Applications must be submitted through the following procedure by no later than 2 pm on 8st Novembre 2021


link to the public competition for admission:




R35/10 Biodiversity preservation and maternal inheritance of autochthonous cattle breeds at risk of genetic erosion and extinction.

R35/7 Sustainability, Energy and Animal Welfare at slaughter (SEBEM).

R35/8 The use of essential oils and organic acids to reduce CO2 and methane in ruminants.

R35/6 The “green bedding” in dairy cow farming: microbiological aspects impacting animal health and dairy product quality and safety.

R35/4 Environmental benefit and burden of postbiotics in animal nutrition.

R35/3 Development of innovative insect meals as functional fee dingredients for monogatsric animals.

R35/9 Use of biochar, obtained in the energetic valorization of chestnut wood residual biomass , as functiomal feed additive for monogastric animals.

R35/5 Technical interventions in dairy farms for the reduction of the antibiotic during lactation and dry off period in order to optimize farm sustainability.

R35/1 GREENMILK: Innovative technologies for food sanitation to support the ecological transition in the dairy sector.

R35/2 One Health approach to Antimicrobial resistance: role of companion animals in the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

27 October 2021
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