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The fundamental theme of DIMEVET is the 360 ​​degree training of the veterinary surgeon and other professional figures connected to the sectors of veterinary, animal production and biotechnological sciences. Training is offered through multidisciplinary courses, hospital activities and research activities based on prevention, diagnostics and the treatment of animal diseases, hygiene of livestock and production. Furthermore, all the activities take into consideration veterinary public health issues aiming to  a broader "One-health" objective, to guarantee the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment.
The Department is also actively involved in the coordination of all the activities of the Veterinary Clinical and Experimental Animal husbrandry centre, in accordance with the regulations in force and according to the resources allocated.


The mission Department's is an integral part of the Dimevet Quality Policy and is implemented throung the application of the Three Year Strategic Plan.

The Department develops, coordinates and promotes clinical and diagnostic activities, field activities related to the veterinary field.
Furthermore, DIMEVET promotes the prevention and treatment of animal behavioral problems, prevention of diffusive animal diseases, zoonosis and the inspection of food of animal origin to protect animal and human health.
The Department  is composed by many cultural activities  and professional areas related to veterinary medicine: livestock production, drug-toxicology and food production, biotechnology and environmental protection.
The Department operates as a scientific structure of national and international reference in the disciplines related to health, production, genetics and animal welfare.


The Department's disciplinary scientific fields (SSD) are the following:

• VET / 01 - Anatomy of Domestic Animals
• VET / 02 - Veterinary Physiology
• VET / 03 - General Pathology and Veterinary Pathology Anatomy
• VET / 05 - Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals
• VET / 06 - Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases of Animals
• VET / 07 - Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
• VET / 08 - Veterinary Medical Clinic
• VET / 09 - Veterinary Surgical Clinic
• VET / 10 - Obstetric Clinic and Veterinary Gynecology
• AGR / 17 - General Zootechnics (Animal production) and Genetic Improvement
• AGR / 18 - Nutrition and Animal Feeding
• AGR / 19 - Special Zootechnics
• AGR / 20 - Zoocolture
• BIO / 10 - Biochemistry
• BIO / 12 - Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology

DIMEVET organizes and carries out training activities for all levels of university education aimed at training professionals who work in the various fields of protection, care and promotion of animal health and welfare in the health, zootechnical-environmental and biotechnological fields.

The Department also collaborates with several public and private structures to carry out assistance, research, and technology transfer activities, recognizing the essential link between research, teaching and assistance, in guaranteeing the fundamental right to health of animals and humans.


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