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Committee for EAEVE Matters (CEM)  


The CEM coordinates all the activities related to the European System of Evaluation of Veterinary Training (ESEVT) evaluation of the VMDC as requested by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE).



The CEM:

  • plans and organize the meetings about all the processes related to the ESEVT evaluation;
  • proposes corrections for the resolution of the deficiencies detected by EAEVE committee to allow the maintenance of the standards for accreditation reported by the updated ESEVT SOPs;
  • plans and organize the periodic meetings with Stakeholder to assess the acquirement of the Day One Competences by the graduates, but also to engage them in the teaching revisions and the accreditation process;
  • represents the DIMEVET at the national and international meetings organized by EAEVE, or related to ESEVT accreditation.



Prof. Veronesi Maria Cristina (Teacher, President)
Sig. Galanti Davide (Student)
Sig. Lauciello Anna (Student)


The committee can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: CEM@unimi.it


Regulation EAEVE Matters Committee 2020  


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15 June 2020
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