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The Recruitment Commission (REC) was firstly constituted in November 2017 as a direct initiative of the Director of the Department who appointed members and President in total autonomy.  The function of REC is to assist the Director in the complex and delicate mission of designing the strategic development of the staff, taking into account all the functions in his responsibility: teaching, researching and sanitary assistance. REC has exclusively the function of preparing documents to be submitted to the Director and to the Department Committee. REC does not assume decisions, but simply proposes criteria for a balanced and sustainable management of the development of DIMEVET in order to optimize all the resources.


Meetings of REC

January 22, 2018
General focus on the present situation of DIMEVET, analysis of staff positions recently acquired and first definition of some guidelines inspiring criteria to be adopted in the next recruitment opportunities.


February 7, 2018
First draft of a document on general criteria to be implemented in future recruitments (first part).


February 12, 2018
Final discussion of the Document on criteria to be adopted for the recruitment of new personnel. The Document will be approved by the large majority of the staff of the Department Committee on February 19, 2018.


March 5, 2018
Full discussion on the pending positions remaining after the previous assignments by the Athenaeum . The next Department Committee is expected to take decisions in order to confirm or variate the requested positions for the Recruitment Plan 2018 – 2010. REC formulates a list of recommended positions and their priority. The Department Committee (March 8, 2018) discuses and approves with some changes the REC recommendations.


June 5, 2018
The REC meeting is devoted to a specific problem. According to a recent request by the Central Administration of the Athenaeum, the Department is urged to take decisions on the renewal of 4 presently active positions of Research Grant. In the general discussion is pointed out that for the future only 5 active Researcher positions and only 11 active Research Grant positions will be financed. A stringent selection of this personnel is therefore necessary and REC recommends that younger scholars should be alerted of possible limits of their expectations.

Members Programming Commission  


  • Sironi Giuseppe (Presidente del Collegio Didattico di Medicina Veterinaria)
  • Tedeschi Gabriella (Presidente del Collegio Didattico Interdipartimentale di Scienze Biotecnologie Veterinarie)
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