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DIMEVET Quality Assurance  

The Quality Assurance Committee is in charge to promote and manage the quality activities of DIMEVET (Table)..

Department Quality Policy

The QAC drafts the quality policy of the Department following the University's policy, national and international standards.

Standard Operating Procedures

The QAC defines standard procedures for the management of departmental activities. The QAC is also in charge of monitoring the implementation of the procedures and their updating.

Common use tools

The QAC provides common tools for quality assurance (document templates, operating instructions, etc.).


The QAC monitors the Quality Assurance (QA) processes, including EAEVE indicators and DIMEVET activities defined in the Strategic Plan.

Departmental documents

The QAC actively collaborates in the drafting and implementation of departmental documents relating to aspects of QA.

Corrective actions

The QAC proposes and monitors corrective actions related to the DIMEVET QA system.

Table: Activities managed by QAC.

The QAC receives input from other Department Committees and the University Veterinary Hospital, to monitor the quality processes of the DIMEVET and the EAEVE indicators.

The following figure shows the organization of the DIMEVET QA system


Figure: Organization of the DIMEVET QA system


The QAC acts in compliance and accordance with the UNIMI QA system as well as relevant national laws.

The QAC is coordinated by Dr Elena Andreoli who works closely with:


The committee can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: QA_EAEVE@unimi.it

More information on the composition, activities and rules of QAC is available at the following link

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