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DIMEVET Quality Assurance  

The goal of the Department of Veterinary Medicine (DIMEVET) is to pursue the satisfaction of Quality Assurance (QA) policies and objectives through internal procedures (management, planning, self-assessment, etc.) aimed at the continuous improvement of teaching, management, research and Third Mission activities.

Since 2017, a Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) has provided active support to all of the activities related to the departmental QA.

The Committee consists of professors, technicians and representatives of undergraduate students, PhD students, and research fellows; the members of the Committee include the QA delegate, the Third Mission delegate, the Open Science referent of DIMEVET, and the QA delegates of the degree programmes for which DIMEVET is the main referent.

The continuous improvement of the QA system is maintained through the activities of the QAC, illustrated in the following table.

Quality Policy

The QAC elaborates the Quality Policy in accordance with the University policy, national and international standards.

Standard Operative Procedures

The QAC defines standard procedures for quality assurance of departmental activities. The QAC is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of the procedures and their possible update.

Common use tools

The QAC develops commonly used tools for quality assurance (document templates, operating instructions, etc.).


The QAC monitors the indicators of the Department's Three-Year Plan, to verify the achievement of the Plan’s objectives.

Departmental documents

The QAC actively collaborates in the drafting and implementation of departmental documents relating to aspects related to the QA.

Corrective actions

The QAC proposes and monitors corrective actions relating to the DIMEVET QA.

Table. Activities managed by the QAC.

The QAC receives input from the other Departmental Committees and from the University Veterinary Hospital, in order to monitor the quality control processes of DIMEVET and the achievement of the EAEVE standards.
The QAC acts in compliance and in accordance with the UNIMI QA system, as well as with relevant national laws. In addition, the DIMEVET QA system and the QAC activities are consistent with the necessary requirements for maintaining the EAEVE accreditation (ENQA accredited) of the Veterinary Medicine Degree Programme.


The QA is coordinated by Dr. Elena Andreoli who works closely with:

DIMEVET QA Delegate Prof. Armando Negri (aq.dimevet@unimi.it);

QA Delegates of the Degree Programmes:

DIMEVET Third Mission Delegate Prof. Michele Mortarino;
DIMEVET Open Science Delegate Prof. Cristina Lecchi.

The Committee collaborates within its competence with the Departmental Student Teacher Joint Committee.

The Committee can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: QA_EAEVE@unimi.it

More information on the composition, activities and rules of QAC is available at the following link:


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