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QA of Degree Programmes  

The QA delegate for Study Programme (SP) has the task - within the degree programme - to promote the Quality of Teaching and the accreditation of study courses.

For more information on the tasks of the delegates, see the page Quality in Teaching UNIMI.

DIMEVET's QA policies for Teaching are described in the Department's Quality Policy 


  • Mains reference Department for:

H13 - Degree Programme in Animal Breeding and Welfare (L-38) - QA delegate: Prof. Eugenio Demartini e-mail: aba.referenteaq@unimi.it

Breeding and welfare of companions animals Prof. Eugenio Demartini  e-mail: abaa.referenteaq.unimi.it

H15 - Single-cycle Master’s Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine (LM-42) - QA delegate: Prof. Cristian Edoardo Maria Bernardi e-mail: veterinaria.referenteaq@unimi.it

H16 - Degree Programme in Animal Production (L-38) - QA delegate: Prof. Alessia Di Giancamillo e-mail: spa.referenteaq@unimi.it

H53 - Master's Degree Programme in Animal Husbandry Sciences and Technologies (LM-86) - QA delegate: Prof. Raffaella Rossi e-mail: stpa.referenteaq@unimi.it

  • Associated reference department for the interdepartmental teaching boards for:

K06 - Degree Programme in Biotechnology (L-2) - QA delegate: Prof. Carla Perego e-mail: carla.perego@unimi.it

  • Administrative reference department for:

H52 - Master's Degree Programme in Veterinary Biotechnology Sciences (LM-9)- QA delegate: Prof. Michele Mortarino

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