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In 2017, DIMEVET established the Scientific and Research Committee (SRC) for quality assurance in the context of research-related processes, equipped with a Regulation published on the Department website at the following link. The composition of the committee guarantees the presence of representatives of all professorship and researcher levels, as well as PhD students, and postdoctoral fellows. The SRC generally meets monthly and represents an advisory and investigative body for the Head and the Department Board. The SRC's activities include: support for the achievement of the objectives of the Three-year Department Plan relating to research; definition of proposals for the evaluation criteria for the allocation of funds and recruitment; organization and management of calls and awards within the Department; promotion of actions in support of the Department's young researchers.

The SRC is responsible for the definition of the criteria for the distribution of University resources in support of research activities (Line 2: annual budget for institutional activities). These criteria, identified in specific internal calls, approved by the Department Board, take into consideration the originality of projects, their congruity with the expertise of the proposers, the consistency with the strategic plan of the Department, the quality of the scientific production of the participants, and interdisciplinarity.

Every six months, the SRC begins a consultation process aimed to develop a plan for the acquisition of strategically relevant instruments, either fully funded or co-funded through departmental moneys. The criteria for funding are: a high multidisciplinary nature of the instrumentation, the scientific qualification of the proponents of the request, and the research potential of the proposal, in line with what is defined in the Three-year Department Plan and the University strategic plan.

The SCR compiles minutes for each meeting, which are archived on the UniRe Departmental website, and an annual report of its activities, which is submitted for approval to the Department Board and published on the Department website.

The QA Delegate of DIMEVET, Prof. Armando Negri, is a rightful member of the Quality Assurance Committee and of the Scientific and Research Committe.

The QA Delegate, also in collaboration with the SRC and the QAC:


  • ensures that the departmental research products are deposited in the Institutional Research Archive (IRIS /AIR);
  • participates, within his competences, in the drafting of the Three-year Departmental Plan and the related monitoring documents;
  • supports and assists, in the times and methods indicated by ANVUR, the procedures related to the Evaluation of Research Quality (VQR).

In November 2020, DIMEVET has appointed a contact person for Open Science, who is responsible for monitoring the actions related to the application of the University Open Science Policy: archiving research products in IRIS / AIR with gold- or green-open access modality and use of the Dataverse platform, for the deposition of research data in FAIR mode (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

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