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As part of the University Quality Assurance System, coordinated by the University Quality Assurance Board, a Quality Assurance Delegate of DIMEVET, in charge to monitor the activities of the research quality improvement processes, carry out all actions for monitoring, research evaluation and resource distribution transparent processes has been identified.

The departmental QA Delegate is a member of the Scientific and Research Committee and the Quality Assurance Committee of the Department.


In detail, the tasks include:

• to ensure that the quality policy of the University is applied following the procedural methods established by the Quality Assurance Board;

• to monitor that products of research activities are uploaded in the Institutional Research Archive (IRIS / AIR);

• to participate, as far as it is concerned, in the drafting of the three-year departmental plan and the further monitoring documents;

• to support the compiling of the SUA-RD Forms (Single Self-Assessment Form for Departmental Research) and the procedures of the Evaluation of Research Quality (VQR) in compliance with times and methods of ANVUR;

• to monitor the actions to be compliant with the Open Science Policy of the University, including the archiving in gold- or green-open access mode of products of research activities in IRIS / AIR and the use of the Dataverse platform for upload the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data of research activities, in particular when requested by magazines or funding bodies;

• monitors that the allocation of departmental funds attributable to research projects is carried out following transparent and shared criteria.



The SUA-RD (Single Annual Form of Departmental Research) is the procedure envisaged within the AVA-ANVUR system (Self-evaluation, Periodic Evaluation, Accreditation), aimed at measuring and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of research and third mission of universities. It is published on the ministerial portal for research departments.


The Department three-year plan 2020-2022, as regards the part relating to research, replaces the SUA-RD form.

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