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QA of Third Mission  

DIMEVET, in synergy with the University and through a Working Group for the Third Mission (TM), has developed a database system for collecting information on TM activities carried out by its teachers and collaborators.

An e-mail address (terzamissionedimevet@unimi.it), for sharing communications on quality of TM's activities has also been activated.


QA policies about Third Mission

The DIMEVET Strategic Plan for the three years 2020-2022 includes the contents of the review and self-assessment of TM's activities and the guidelines for organically monitoring the number and type of initiatives are defined. The improvement of training and dissemination activities to external users and the public and the increase in the scientific knowledge in synergy with the territory are reported as Strategic Objectives of the Department. 


SUA Third mission

Given the relatively recent establishment (2016) of the Department, the need to fulfil the drafting of the SUA –TM (Single Annual Form of Third Mission) has not yet occurred.

Any other relevant documents produced by the Department


Departmental three-year plan 2020-2022

• Periodic presentations, stored in the Unimibox reserved system, illustrating the updates and explanatory notes useful for compiling the departmental database of Third Mission activities.

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