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EAEVE approval  

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with its Degree Course has been certified by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) in January 2013.

On this page you can see all the documentary evidence of the certification route from the initial Self Evaluation Report, followed by the results of the first audit and the progress reports of the corrective actions submitted by the Faculty and ended with the final judgment of approval and the European Certification (first step).
This documentation is the visible sign of a growth process, in some phases very difficult and of the goal that the Faculty wanted to achieve. Therefore, the Faculty would like to thank all the colleagues who have actively participated in this process that should be the basis for a further improvement.


Minutes of the plenary meeting of the veterinary faculty teaching staff and student representatives entitled ESEVT Evaluation

Minutes of the plenary meeting of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine iregarding ESEVT visitation of 2019




Now that the Certification of the Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine has been achieved, we feel to remember our student Giovanni Bizzozero, who died November 4, 2011. We remember especially how he immediately understood the importance of what we were doing and his work to involve other students in an important process for the Faculty. Thank you, Giovanni.

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