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The Department of Veterinary Medicine (DIMEVET) has stated in its strategic plan 2018-2020 that it will pursue a quality policy to achieve its main missions, which are: (i) to provide high quality training; (ii) to perform competitive and highly applicative scientific research; (iii) to provide innovative clinical-assistance activity; (iv) to dialogue and collaborate with the main players of the educational, research and professional fields in the veterinary, animal science and biotechnological sectors.
DIMEVET operates in accordance with the "European and National University Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance (ENQA)" and the Quality Assurance System of the University of Milan, according to the logic of continuous improvement, implemented through a continuous cycle of design, management, self-assessment and improvement of the necessary activities to achieve the objectives set.
The Quality Policy is the tool with which the Department intends to express and communicate to internal and external stakeholders, the strategic objectives defined in its Strategic Plan.

It includes the following values:
- continuous improvement;
- integrity and responsibility both at individual and collective levels;
- transparency;
- the continuous monitoring of parameters related to the quality of teaching, research and services;
- constructive collaboration and sharing of objectives;
- enhancement of diversity and merit;
- impact and innovation

The ultimate aim of the DIMEVET Quality Policy is to increase the level of satisfaction of the expectations, both implicit and explicit of the parties involved in the DIMEVET main missions.
The interested parties are identified as follows:

  • students who attend the degree course in Veterinary Medicine;
  • teaching staff;
  • technical and administrative staff;
  • the University of Milan;
  • the Ministry of Education, University and Research;
  • the Ministry of Health;
  • regional, national and supranational institutions related to the Veterinary Medicine sector;
  • the professional order;
  • companies, professionals and their associations related to the Veterinary Medicine sector.

The Department has organized itself internally, identifying figures and bodies with specific functions to ensure the application of Quality Policy during the performance of the various activities planned.
All the staff is responsible for the implementation of this Quality Policy.
The Quality Policy is regularly monitored, reviewed and improved as needed, with the support of the Quality Assurance Committee (QA).

The QA policy has been reviewed on March 2019 and approved by DIMEVET board on 21st March 2019.



Regulation of the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee  


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