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The degree course in Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan considers fundamental to define and share a Quality Policy that identifies strategic objectives for its training activities. The ultimate goal is the fulfilment of expectations, both implicit and explicit, of the parties involved in the educational and cultural project of the degree course.


Quality Policy

The degree course aims at training excellent veterinary surgeons through a multidisciplinary teaching program, clinical and research activities based on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, hygiene of farms and production. The degree course focuses also on veterinary public health and the "One-health" principle to protect and improve the health and welfare of animals, of man and of the environment. To reach this aim, we are committed to make any efforts to continuously improve all areas of teaching, research, innovation, sustainability and dissemination of knowledge.

Within this framework, the degree course in Veterinary Medicine has a culture of Quality and continuous improvement and pursues a Quality Policy that aims to meet the needs of all parties interested in the training of excellent graduates in Veterinary Medicine.

The educational activities and those supporting teaching are carried out within the constraints, with the delegations and autonomy enshrined in the laws and regulations of the University, Degree Course and Department in force.

The interested parties are identified as follows:

-        students who attend the degree course in Veterinary Medicine;

- teaching staff;

- technical and administrative staff;

- the University of Milan;

- the Ministry of Education, University and Research;

- the Ministry of Health;

- Regional, national and supranational institutions related to the Veterinary Medicine sector;

- the professional order;

- companies, professionals and their associations related to the Veterinary Medicine sector.

In order to increase the level of satisfaction of the interested parties, the degree program operates in accordance with the "European and National Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ENQA)" and establishes the following strategic objectives, as fundamental elements of its Quality Policy:

1. to improve and consolidate the orientation of incoming students;

2. to improve and consolidate the evaluation and monitoring of training activities and teaching support;

3. to improve and consolidate the internationalization of the degree course of study, increasing exchange programs and the involvement of foreign institutions;

4. to improve and consolidate relations with the local institutions, encouraging the active involvement of external stakeholders in the improvement of the degree course;

5. to involve all the Department personnel to achieve the Quality objectives;

6. to foster the development of local communities through the improvement of the health and welfare of animals, of man and of the environment;

All the staff is responsible for the implementation of this Quality Policy. The Quality Policy is regularly monitored, reviewed and improved as needed, with the support of the Quality Assurance Commission (QA).

Quality policy of the degree course in Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan  


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