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Head of VM Teaching Council  


The Degree Programme Coordinator until September 30 2020 is Prof. GIUSEPPE SIRONI.



The Department's professors develop teaching activities in bachelor degree, master's degree, single cycle master degree, post-graduate and PhD courses, in collaboration with the teachers of other departments.

In particular, DIMEVET is the main responsible for Veterinary Medicine Degree Programme (class 47 / S old order and class LM-42 new order).

The Degree Programme Coordinator until September 30, 2020 is Prof. Giuseppe Sironi.

It is also associate responsible department for the bachelor degree courses in Animal Science (Class L-38). The main responsible department for these courses is the Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety (VESPA).

Finally, DIMEVET is an associate responsible department in interdepartmental teaching council for the bachelor Degree Course in Biotechnology (Class L-2) and for the Master's Degree Course in Veterinary Biotechnology Sciences (Class LM-9). For these degree programme there is no main responsible department.

Prof. Gabriella Tedeschi is the degree programme coordinator of Interdepartmental Teaching council for the period 2017-2020 for the Master's Degree course.

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