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Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare  

Director: Prof. Elisabetta Canali

The school is open to graduates in veterinary medicine with professional qualifications, and has a three-year duration.
The aim of the School is to train competent professionals in the field of behavior and animal welfare, able to respond to the specific needs of the sector.
The title obtained with the School of Specialization is recognized by the Ministry of Health for access to areas A and C of veterinary services.
For those enrolled in the Conforming Residency program of the ECAWBM College, lessons and exercises can be considered part of the training course to access the exam.
The School of Specialization in Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare is one of the preferential requirements for the recognition of the qualification of Expert in Animal Behavior by the Ministry of Health and FNOVI.
Lectures are held one day a week and are integrated with practical exercises at the University Veterinary Hospital's  Behavioral Clinic regarding dogs and cats and inspections at livestock farms.
Access to the School requires passing a written test and an oral exam. There are 20 seats available, plus 6 places for staff belonging to public bodies that have agreements with the Schools of Specialization.
The training course includes the main topics:

I year: applied ethology, behavioral biology, learning, animal welfare legislation
2nd year: stress and immunity, behavioral modification techniques, bioethics, welfare  evaluation
III year: separated lessons on specific topics   animal welfare  in  zootechnical species and in dogs and cats
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