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Pathology and Clinics of Companion Animals  

Director: Prof. Damiano Stefanello

Sito Web: http://sites.unimi.it/sspiccolianimali/index.php

During the 3 years-study period, students will compulsory attendance to theoretical lessons, practices and vocational training. At the end, the Specialist in Pathology and Clinics of Companion Animals will have developed adequate theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in companion animals.

The qualification required for application is Degree in Veterinary Medicine based on Italian laws. In addition it is mandatory to hold a Licence to practice in Veterinary Medicine based on Italian laws. To be admitted to the School students should be passed a written/oral exam.

The teachers of the School are recruited from the staff of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Milan. The School can also use external scientific and didactic competences, recruiting Italian or abroad Academic professors, or colleagues with high specialization (European College, PhD) through a specific public evaluation.

The training objectives of the School of Specialization in Pathology and Clinics of Companion Animals are:

Basic educational objectives: learning of in-depth knowledge of physics, biochemistry, physiology and topographical anatomy.

Objectives of general training: feeding, breeding and hygiene; provide all theoretical skills  propaedeutic  need for epidemiological evaluation and correct  approach  of the clinical cases.

Elective courses chosen by the student are useful for the acquisition of specific and advanced knowledge in the field of small animal diseases. Depending on the teaching staff and structural skills available, the School will be able to activate one or more highly specialized training courses in different disciplines such as: internal medicine, surgery, imaging and anesthesia, analgesia and pain therapy. The choice is made by each single student hoping for a distribution of 2 students for elective activity.

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